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Al Rehman Calligraphy

Al Rehman Calligraphy | Rs2,000.00

Acrylic Paint on Card 10 x 8

Ayat kareema Calligraphy

Ayat kareema Calligraphy | Rs2,000.00

Calligraphy Painting, Acrylic Paint on C

art piece

art piece | Rs5,000.00

art piece


Derwash | Rs3,500.00

Dancing Darwash


TRAIN to WIN | Rs3,000.00

Acrylic painting done on canvass of size


Testing | ₹500.00


Top 3 Artists


Fatima Sakhawat Ali

Zubaida Mehmood


Texture Art

Diamond art

Diamond art, referred to as diamond painting, is a kind of creative and craft activity that includes an arrangement of small, coloured resin rhinestones or diamonds on a canvas to create a mosaic-like artwork. It's a combination of two stitches and paint-by-numbers, providing a smooth and visually appealing way to create an art piece. It is a vibrant and sparkling piece of artwork. It is famous for both beginners and experienced artists due to its simplicity, therapeutic nature, and ability to create stunning visual effects. The art pieces are framed and displayed as unique and personalised decorations.                                

diamond art

Diamond Art Design

Diamond art designs are the patterns or pictures printed on the canvas used for diamond painting. These designs are a guideline for placing the small rhinestones or diamonds onto the canvas, creating a beautiful and unique mosaic-like artwork. Diamond art designs change widely, ranging from simple and abstract designs to highly detailed and realistic pictures. Printed canvas is used in diamond art coated with an adhesive layer or printed with a design. The design of the diamond is broken into small numbers to a specific colour of the diamond. Patterns and images have a wide range of designs. 

Themes like landscapes, animals, flowers, abstract art, etc are involved in it. Complexity level varies,  beginners and experienced crafters find designing skills. Diamond art designs have a variety of sizes, and the dimensions of the canvas impact the level of detail in the artwork. Smaller designs are more straightforward, while larger designs are intricate. The process of creating diamond art from a design is creative which provides a therapeutic and meditative experience, with each diamond bringing the design to life.

                                      diamond art design

Diamond Art Tools

Diamond art tools are necessary for creating diamond paintings or diamond art crafts. to create a mosaic-like image on a canvas diamond art tools are designed to facilitate placing small resin colored rhinestones. some crafters choose to use their tools, such as special diamond painting pens or storage solutions, to enhance their experience while some use diamond art tools from the diamond art kit.

the tools that are added to diamond art kits:


Canvas comes with a printed design, an adhesive layer, and a protective film, it is the foundation of diamond art tools


Resin and rhinestone diamonds come in various colors and are often labeled with corresponding numbers or symbols that match the design on the canvas. The small kind of resin and rhinestone has the appearance of diamond.

Applicator Tool

The applicator tool pen is used to pick and arrange the diamond's resin rhinestone on the adhesive canvas. It has a small tip for picking up the diamonds and it has a grip for easy handling.


It is added mostly in kits, it is used to coat the tip of the applicator pen. it helps the diamonds stick to the tool more easily.

Tray or Container

A tray or container helps to organize the diamonds it holds the diamonds in the painting process. The tray has a variety of sections to keep different colors separated.


It is not always included, some crafters find tweezers helpful to use for placing diamonds,  in more intricate or detailed areas of the design.

Storage Bags

Some kits are added with small resealable bags for each color of the diamond. This helps to keep resin rhinestones organized in proper form and prevent the diamonds from getting mixed up.


Diamond art kits have come with detailed instructions or guidelines to help the crafter start and complete the project successfully.                                  

diamond art tools

Diamond Art Kits For Adults

Diamond art kits are available widely it cater to different preferences and skill levels. Diamond art kits are designed to give a smooth and enjoyable crafting experience, helping crafters create unique and intricate diamond paintings. Diamond art kits include factors like design complexity, size, and theme. 

some options are here:

Custom Diamond Art Kits

Some companies or online platforms offer custom diamond art kits where crafters upload their photos or designs. This helps for a personalized and unique diamond art creation.

Landscapes and Nature

Kits featuring landscapes, nature scenes, and serene settings are popular among adults. This includes images of mountains, forests, beaches, and sunsets.

Abstract and Geometric Designs

prefer a more contemporary or abstract style, there are diamond art kits with geometric patterns, abstract designs, and modern artwork.

Animals and Pets

Animal-themed diamond art kits are also available Diamond art kits feature a wide range of animals, from domestic pets to wildlife.

Fantasy and Mythical Themes

diamond art kits with fantasy and mythical themes, including dragons, fairies, unicorns, and other magical creatures.

Floral and Botanical Designs

Diamond art kits featuring flowers, plants, and botanical elements are popular choices. These kits often showcase intricate details and vibrant colors.

Portraits and Figures

Kits with portraits, figures, or famous artwork reproductions offer a unique and sophisticated option for adult diamond art enthusiasts.

Mandala Patterns

Mandala designs are known for their intricate and repetitive patterns. Diamond art kits featuring mandalas are both visually stunning and meditative.

Seasonal and Holiday Themes

Seasonal or holiday-themed diamond art kits are available for occasions like Christmas, Halloween, or other festive celebrations.

Large Canvas Kits

For a substantial project, consider large canvas diamond art kits. These are more time-consuming but rewarding options for adults who enjoy a longer crafting process.

Skull Art

Skull art is an artistic expression that involves visual representations of skulls in different forms and styles. Skulls have been used as a symbol in history, associated with themes of mortality, life, death, and rebirth. Artists from various cultures and periods have used skulls in their works as powerful and versatile symbols. In Mexico, skulls are a main element in celebrating the Day of the Dead. They decorate skulls with sugar, known as "Calaveras," created to remember deceased loved ones. Skulls are a famous motif in tattoo art, they symbolize mortality, rebellion, or the transient nature of life. Tattoo artists use skulls in larger designs or create standalone art pieces. It is used in street art and graffiti, it is found in urban art, and created with striking colors and bold lines. Street artists use it to convey thoughts of rebellion, protest, or explore themes of life and death. 

These paintings included symbol elements like flowers, hourglasses, and candles. contemporary artists explore skulls as abstract or surreal. They distort the traditional skull shape and use it as a canvas for creativity. With the advent of digital technology, artists create skull art by using different digital tools. This gives a vast range of styles, from realistic digital paintings to abstract and futuristic interpretations. Skulls have various cultural meanings. The interpretation of this art can change on base of cultural, personal, and artistic contexts. It is used to convey philosophical messages or appreciated for its aesthetic appeal, it is a versatile and enduring theme in the art world.

Animal Skull Art

Animal skull art shows the creativity and practice of using animal skulls as a canvas for artwork. To create visually unique art pieces artists use paint, carve, decorate, or otherwise modify the skulls. This type of art has been presented in different cultures throughout history, it is associated with symbols, spirituality, and the natural world. The artists make it and get inspiration from various sources, such as tribal traditions, mythology, or personal interpretations of the connection between life and death. The resulting art changed widely in style, ranging from realistic depictions to abstract and contemporary designs. It is created using different kinds of techniques and mediums, like painting with acrylics, embellishing with beads, or incorporating mixed media elements. Some artists preserve the natural features of the skull, but some artists transform it completely and make an imaginative form. animal skulls in art raise ethical considerations.


Artists use acrylics, oils, or other paints to create intricate designs, patterns, or realistic appearance of the skull. Thar involves everything from lifelike portraits to abstract and symbolic pictures.


The bone of the skull allows for detailed and three-dimensional designs by carving. Artists design intricate patterns or sculptures and transform the surface of the skull into textured and visually interesting pieces.


Artists embellish animal skulls with additional materials like beads, feathers, gems, or metals. To add a tactile element to the art and enhance the symbolic or aesthetic qualities.


Animal skull art shows a symbolic meaning, drawing on cultural, spiritual, or personal significance. animals hold specific symbolism in various cultures, contributing to the artwork's overall thought.

Mixed Media

Artists use different techniques and mediums to give a diverse and dynamic art piece. This involves elements such as fabric, leather, or found objects in the overall composition.